Dry lining & stud wall

Stud wall partitions are cost effective, multi-purpose partitions which are suitable for all types of buildings including residential, health care and commercial. Seperating walls are an economical way to create different working spaces within the building.

A range of stud and plasterboard options are available to meet your performance requirements for acoustics, moisture, impact and fire resistance.

Services can be concealed within the stud cavity and partition walls can be installed to varying heights depending on construction, ie Jumbo stud walls up to 10 metres. Metal stud partitions are ideal for installing at the perimeter of a mezzanine floor to create additional office space.

Metal furring or stud wall liner can be used to line existing facades, to cover uneven, out of true external and internal walls. The advantages of using a wall liner system are providing a stand-off clearance between lining and background, where services can be run and insulation within cavity.

Types of Studwork Systems

50 mm metal ‘C’ & ‘I’ stud/track partitions

70mm metal ‘C’ & ‘I’ stud/track partitions

146mm metal ‘C’ & ‘I’ Jumbo stud/track partitions

Wall lining stud/track

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